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Study: ‘Zoom Fatigue’ Is Real – But This Can Help

Tue, 2 Mar 21 14:03:53 +0500

Some conditions make Zoom meetings more tiring than face-to-face meetings: Lack of mobility, added work to read nonverbal cues and way too much up-close eye contact.

Future of Short-Term Rental Investing? App Going Worldwide

Tue, 2 Mar 21 14:03:48 +0500

An app debuting in June seems to be a mashup between crowdfunding, dating and short-term rental investing. Users can invest in property worldwide using only a smartphone.

Cash-Paying Out-of-Towners Frustrate Local Fla. Buyers

Tue, 2 Mar 21 14:03:42 +0500

Brokers are getting more calls from out-of-staters, and the demand isn’t limited to Fla.’s traditional feeder markets. It adds yet another challenge for local buyers.

Unhappy with the Eviction Ban? A Federal Judge Agrees

Tue, 2 Mar 21 14:03:20 +0500

A federal judge ruled the eviction ban is unconstitutional and has never been done before – but he didn’t issue an injunction stopping it, and DOJ says it will appeal.

Has Real Estate Been Good to You? Return the Favor

Tue, 2 Mar 21 14:03:17 +0500

Industry-changing ideas start as a suggestion proposed during a Florida Realtors committee meeting. Be part of the change. Apply to serve with Pres. Christina Pappas in 2022.


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