What we do

In a nutshell  as a Florida state licensed realtor, I'll help you with two things:

1.     Determining if it's time to sell your home.

2.     If we determine that it's time to sell, my team and I will list and sell your home.

Is it time to sell my home?

There is an extremely high probability that at some point you'll want to sell your home for a number of different reasons.  There are some cases where as a result of things like:

  • Work relocation,
  • Change in family dynamics,
  • Right sizing (up or down),
  • or financial hardship

the decision to sell is pretty straight forward and we can help you list sell your property with your best interest in mind.

The decision may not be so straight forward if you are looking to:

1.   Sell to take advantage of increased market prices.

2.  Sell to purchase an investment of some sort.

Here we can help by both doing a market analysis to help in your decision making process as well as to list and sell your house if the decision is made that now is the right time.

We'll work hard to sell your home using three key components:

1. Price,
2. Exposure, and  
3. Communication.


Based on your particular needs, we'll establish a price(s) that challenges the market but at the same time will adjust accordingly based on market conditions.  The two primary reasons that a properly fails to sell are most often Price, and Exposure.  In the event that time is of the essence such as in the case of a relocation, recently received notice of sale (Lis Pendens), or some other situation that requires you to sell quickly we'll implement a strategy by which we quickly and regularly adjust the price based on an agreed upon predetermined schedule to get the activity and ultimately sale that we are looking for.  


Equally as important as price will be our ability to get the word out regarding your property.  Because of my Software Engineering career I have the distinct advantage of being able to focus on selling your house without the personal financial pressure of needing to compromise your home's exposure with too many other listings.  I'll be focused on selling your home.  A few of the vehicles and techniques that I'll use to promote your property include initiatives such as:

  • Listing your home with the Florida MLS service.
  • Posting it to my personal web page at www.IsItTime2Sell.com
  • Facebook
  • Communication postcards to neighbors and other targeted communities
  • Regularly scheduled Open Houses (very rarely are houses sold via open houses, but it provides additional exposure to get the word out).
  • Brokers Open Houses when appropriate.
  • Pitching it to everyone I know

These are just a few of the techniques that I'll employ when listing your property to provide it with the best exposure possible.


Arguably the most important of the three components is constant communication between you and I, and myself and any qualified potential buyers we may be working with.  I'll establish a schedule by which we'll communicate weekly either face to face, by phone, or by email.  Similarly I'll ensure that a communication schedule has been established between ourselves and any potential qualified buyers.

Call me a 727.207.2978 to discuss the options you have as it relates to the selling of your home.  I look forward to both hearing from and helping you.   

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